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Payback’s a Bitch

Braxton Bond cannot sleep. Instead of laying down and resting he goes out looking for men to sleep with. Braxton cannot sleep so he is up and walking around looking for some fun. He finds company in Rafael Alencar as he is relaxing in the park. Rafael is a good looking guy with brown hair […]

Shower Shocker

To be a decent porn star you have to be able to do a few things: get your dick hard when called for, shoot a load (the money shot) and be good to look at, as whatever genre or ‘type’ you happen to be. To be a great porn star you also need to have […]

The Bodyguard

‘The Bodyguard’ stays with the very British theme of master and servant as we revisit the upper class establishments of the British ruling classes. There are a few things here that are stiffer than a stiff upper lip though and the first sight we get is of the adorable Rafael Alencar in a very smart […]

Rafael Alencar Tube

Rafael Alencar Tube

A man is walking alone at night. The streetlights cast his shadow on the path ahead but barely light the darkness under the trees. And in that darkness, shrouded by shadows, stands a younger man, nervously watching and waiting. He watches as the older guy approaches and he knows what is going to happen. They […]

The Black Room from Gods Of Men

It’s been a little while since we have had a new movie from Gods Of Men, but here we’ve got The Black Room, and it features one of’s biggest cocks. This mighty meat is attached to the rather sexy Rafael Alencar who you might remember from ‘My neighbour’s son’, ‘The Limo Driver’ and ‘The […]

Gay pornstar Jack Radley at Str8 To Gay with Rafael Alencar

Baby-faced model Jack Radley is one of Men dot com’s newest models, newest and exclusive models I should say. The only have eight exclusive guys out of their model list of 452, but all of these guys know what they are doing. The model list is also a nice mix of guys with some twinks […]

Johnny Rapid and Rafael Alencar fucking again

Johnny Rapid initial found Rafael Alencar a short while ago as his youthful gap was double penetrated through the process of Rafael plus a night stick inside the local prison house shower. This day Johnny has returned in the jailhouse and he and Alencar starts fucking again like they did last time, but this time […]

Rafael Alencar Gay Porn

Here’s a treat for everyone who loves a guy with a big dick. Long, fat, hard, Rafael Alencar has it all with his 11.5 inch uncut cock. In ‘Do Drop Delivery’ he’s hard at work doing battle with his PC, which is not working properly, and he’s getting more and more frustrated. He gets on […]

Rafael Alencar Groupsex with Tim Kruger and Jackson Lawless

Jackson Lawless knew he was having a very good dayafter two of the biggest cocks he’d ever seen just came into the locker room. Tim Kruger willingly gives his giant tool to Jackson to suck, and soon Rafael Alencar steps out of the shower to join the party. Jackson is doing his best to give […]