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Mail Order Husband Part 1

‘Drill My Hole’ shows you what it is like to make up after a big heated argument with your boyfriend, thanks to the great filming of Men and its good looking hunks. Rafael Alencar and Brendan Phillips make a great couple as they bounce around in the bedroom. Brendan Phillips is a smooth blonde haired […]

Godfather Part 4

‘Jizz Orgy’ brings you twenty five and a half inches worth of hard dick belonging to just four very horny and good looking guys. This is the fourth hardcore ‘Godfather’ episode made by We’ve all heard stories about the mafia, how bad they are, how the Godfather demands respect and above all everyone’s loyalty. […]

Would love to do a scene with Paddy O´Brian – Read my fantasy

Cross Check (part 3) is made by Gaypornstarstube and shown to you via ‘Big Dicks At School.’ College days are the best days of our lives, people say, though not really for knuckling down and doing any actual work, it’s full of parties and sex, lots and lots of sex. It’s the time to find […]

Godfather Part 1

We all love the ‘Godfather’ movies. ‘Drill My Hole’ shows you a different side to what being a Godfather in the mafia could be all about, and it comes to us from of course. Being a Godfather means taking care of the family, making sure everyone is ok, and if they are not, it’s […]

Payback’s a Bitch

Braxton Bond cannot sleep. Instead of laying down and resting he goes out looking for men to sleep with. Braxton cannot sleep so he is up and walking around looking for some fun. He finds company in Rafael Alencar as he is relaxing in the park. Rafael is a good looking guy with brown hair […]

Shower Shocker

To be a decent porn star you have to be able to do a few things: get your dick hard when called for, shoot a load (the money shot) and be good to look at, as whatever genre or ‘type’ you happen to be. To be a great porn star you also need to have […]

The Bodyguard

‘The Bodyguard’ stays with the very British theme of master and servant as we revisit the upper class establishments of the British ruling classes. There are a few things here that are stiffer than a stiff upper lip though and the first sight we get is of the adorable Rafael Alencar in a very smart […]

Rafael Alencar Tube

Rafael Alencar Tube

A man is walking alone at night. The streetlights cast his shadow on the path ahead but barely light the darkness under the trees. And in that darkness, shrouded by shadows, stands a younger man, nervously watching and waiting. He watches as the older guy approaches and he knows what is going to happen. They […]

The Black Room from Gods Of Men

It’s been a little while since we have had a new movie from Gods Of Men, but here we’ve got The Black Room, and it features one of’s biggest cocks. This mighty meat is attached to the rather sexy Rafael Alencar who you might remember from ‘My neighbour’s son’, ‘The Limo Driver’ and ‘The […]